Buoy Data

Ice Drift Atlas Buoy documentation

Description of the data availiability, preparation and error documentation for included buoy data.

Spatial buoy distribution

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Fig. 1:  Number of “buoy months” available for sectors of 10° latitude and 20° longitude, each buoy operated on at least one day within a month in a sector gives 1 count. Data of automatic weather stations are included. 

Fig. 2:  Number of “buoy days” entering the three-monthly means of buoy drift vectors in Fig. 3 in five frequency classes (see legend).Three monthly means of buoy position indicated by circles. Different types of circles indicate four classes by number of days with useable measurements of at least buoy position.


> Fig. 3 : Three-monthly mean buoy drift (see reference vectors top right). Periods are January to March, April to June, July to September and November to December, so means may contain less than one month of buoy data, which can checked from Fig. 2. Circles indicate three-monthly means of buoy positions. 
Fig. 4: Number of “buoy days” as a cut out of Fig. 2 for the Weddell Sea. Meaning of symbols as in Fig.2.

Fig. B5:  Three-monthly mean buoy drift for Weddell Sea as a cut out of Fig. 3. 

Buoy track overviews: 

The coloured legend names comprise the year and ID of each single buoy. Click on images to enlarge.