Derived Datasets and Quantities

The following products are calculated and can be viewed in different temporal averaged resolutions and combinations:
  • Velocity: Gridded fields of SSM/I optimal interpolated mean ice drift velocity, illustrated with drift arrows.
  • Variance: Same fields for ice drift variance with overlaying covariance ellipses.
  • Anomaly: Anomaly fields, which show the difference of one month's mean compared to the monthly mean of all available years.
  • Buoy drift: For all monthly means: buoy drift vectors and covariance ellipses are included in the vector fields when and where buoy data is available. Points where buoy data is included in the optimal interpolation of satellite drift are highlighted.
  • Pressure: Combinated fields of gridded NCEP surface pressure with isobars and SSM/I ice drift vectors.
  • Temperature: Gridded NCEP temperature fields with 10m model wind.
  • Kinematic Parameters: Differential kinematic parameters DKP like divergence, vorticity and shear, calculated from the ice motion vector.
  • Ice Concentration: Pelicon Sea Ice Concentration with 10% isolines and drift vectors.


  • Single Overviews: Monthly, seasonal and annual means of ice motion and weather data in different combinations. In an double-panel arrangement, always two pictures of the same period can be compared.
  • Annual Overviews: Annual overviews by combination of monthly means for all products, to see the behaviour of a parameter between the year.
  • Interannual Overviews:  Overview of one selected month and parameter on 18 years (1979-1997) see interannual variation of ice motion and weather parameters.


  • Data download: Access to all images and ASCII data archives. 
  • Buoy Data: Documentation, annual overview  and spatial distribution plots as well as datasets of all available measurements from drifting buoys.
  • Quality Parameters: Maps of seasonally/spatially varying estimates of rms errors.